Jorge Sagastume is a Vice President at EscrowTech International

Jorge Sagastume

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What’s At Stake Like artistic works and inventions, software is a product of the mind.  In other words, it’s intellectual property. That makes it uniquely subject to a number of risks. For example, it’s easy to steal.  In fact, the theft of U.S. intellectual property has been called “the greatest transfer of wealth in human history.” It’s subject to other dangers, too, and those dangers do not just affect the software vendor. Software must be reliable, not only when considering bugs and downtime, but good software requires a stable and reliable software vendor.  Prospective customers – especially business customers – heavily rely on software to do their daily business and if the software vendor fails to support their software or simply disappears the customer can find themselves in a world of problems. Protection from the Worst Software escrow can’t eliminate all ... (more)

Business Continuity Concerns when using Mission Critical SaaS Applications

Maintaining Business Continuity With Mission-critical SaaS Applications SaaS applications are universal features of the modern business world. Unfortunately, they don’t always come with the guarantees that they should. No matter what kinds of software your clients license or use, they run the risk of massive failures if they don’t offset their dependency on vendors with viable backup plans. From data center disasters to software providers going under, your clients’ reliance on third-party tools endangers their day-to-day operations and ongoing profitability.   The Risk Defined: W... (more)

Why Store Your Escrow at Two Sites?

EscrowTech maintains its primary offices at the Technology Law Center south of Salt Lake City, Utah. This is also where your deposited materials are stored – inside a dedicated, secure vault. The multiple levels of security that keep this site safe include video monitoring networks, card-key systems, constant surveillance, and a fire suppression system. This maintains security and safety for your escrowed materials, but the purpose of escrow isn’t only to plan for what you expect. It’s also to protect you and your company from the unexpected. That’s why we maintain off site stor... (more)

Why Escrow Your Source Code?

All around the globe, companies license custom software that is critical to their business. Developing your own proprietary software can cost millions. For most industries, licensing pre-existing software for daily operations is both less expensive and less of a hassle to maintain. Yet how do you ensure that the company you’re licensing from doesn’t go out of business or otherwise breach a licensing contract? You can’t, and that’s why companies like EscrowTech exist. Software and its source code can be stored, verified, and updated with us. This protects the vendor as they only ... (more)

8 Steps for Making Sure Software Escrow is Protecting You

There are several steps to keep in mind when agreeing upon a software escrow: The most important thing to decide for your company is which software applications should be escrowed in the first place. If software is mission-critical or difficult to replace, it should be escrowed. Ensure that the release terms in your escrow agreement are clear. Make sure both broad situations and detailed possibilities are both covered. Make sure your own company’s escrow policies are being followed. Often, companies set rules for themselves that apply to specific situations like escrow. However li... (more)